Sonia Mbele Is Expanding Her Empire

'Ntombi' is making big moves

By  | Nov 25, 2021, 10:09 AM  | Sonia Mbele  | Top of the

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Generations star Sonia Mbele is making big boss moves, and all of Mzansi is excited for her. She recently announced her new โ€œbabyโ€, a water company called Alkamax: Supercharged Water with speed. 

According to the actress, it is the first black-owned Alkaline water company in the country. She intends for the company to produce quality clean water to solve the problem of water scarcity in the country. She further hopes that starting the business will open up employment opportunities and help to reduce the problem of unemployment. 
Her announcement has further cemented her as a marketing genius, due to the playful approach she took. In a series of tweets, she stated that she had made tweeps โ€˜thirstyโ€™, and now she was going to quench the thirst. 
The โ€˜thirstโ€™ is a play on when she broke the internet with a thirst trap. Her statement about quenching her fansโ€™ thirst was misconstrued as naughty, and the responses have been hilarious. Many people showed up in her comments to shoot their shot at her. 

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But Sonia took the engagement as a chance to clarify her internet and further market her new business. She is doubling down on those who would seek to turn the post into a joke, and making it clear that they can only contact her to buy water. But it seems โ€˜Ntombiโ€™ will be fielding advances all day long. 

Speaking of Ntombi, Sonia recently trended online for expressing disbelief that many of her fans donโ€™t know her by her real name, and still call her by her Generations character name. 
She was on the cast of the original Generations before she retired from the role. Apparently, at the time, she was married to Leslie Sedibe, her ex-husband who was very domineering. She shared that he had started off asking her not to watch the show, which was ridiculous because she was on it. It then escalated to her being made to leave the show, which she finally did in 2009, after being on the show for six years. 

She recently revealed that her close relationship with her Generations husband, Sibusiso, played by the late Menzi Ngubane, was part of the reason she had to leave the show. Apparently, her ex-husband was not comfortable with how close they were, which escalated his jealousy. 
Sonia recently clarified on  Mac G's Podcast and Chill that she and Menzi had never been an item. They had been great coworkers and friends, but there had never been anything more than that, despite their great on-screen chemistry. 

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