The Reason Why Sonia Mbele Has Been Away From Social Media

Sis is using this time to get to work

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During the national lockdown, many Mzansi celebrities have found different ways of having to cope with the new reality, actress Sonia Mbele has taken a different approach than others.

The online world has become a real playground for many celebrities, with many hosting Lives and engaging with their through the various platforms, however, that is not the case with Sonia who has taken a hiatus from the social streets.

Sonia has taken to Instagram to explain her absence after receiving several messages complaining that she has been under the radar.

“I’ve been getting a lot of DMs from most of you complaining that I’ve been under the radar. So here’s a thing; with a household and three mouths to (feed), maintaining it hasn’t been easy.

“I know we’ve all been affected so my stresses are no exception. However we all have different coping mechanisms and mine has been to escape, sorry to have escaped you guys as well but it was the only way,” Sonia explained.

Sonia explained to her fans and followers that when she is going through her ish her way to survive to write and that's what she has been up too.

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Sonia has not been on screens much as an actress but instead become quite the heavyweight behind the scenes in the industry. She even bought the Real Housewives franchise to Mzansi with the hit Johannesburg edition.

"I think (no I know) I’m working on something nothing short of thee greatest television series to have ever been created! So I shot a pilot for this next BIG thing June 2019 and now I’m currently rewarded with a fully-fledged series script," explained Sonia.

Whilst she admitted that she sad she has been mizing everyone, she is grateful for the escape.

"One day I’ll be able to say “hey remember that quarantine time? This is what it produced”

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