RHODurban Star Sorisha Naidoo Unfollows Co-Star, Nonku WIlliams On Instagram

It looks like the friendship between the two has reached an it expiry date

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The friendship between the Real Housewives of Durban stars Nonku WIlliams and Sorisha Naidoo may have reached it expiry date. Apparently, Naidoo has unfollowed Williams on social media following the puppy comment.

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Sorisha Naidoo may be completely done with her co-star Nonku Williams. This comes after when Annie Mthembu stormed out of the restaurant because she was angry with Sane. Immediately Naidoo followed Mthembu out of the restaurant to check on her and subsequently she was called Mthembu's puppy.

"Sorisha unfollowed Nonku on IG, I just know it’s that puppy comment  #RHODurban" wrote Xing Xing
While new friendships are being forged in the newest season of this newest season, some friendships have met their demise. It appears Sorisha Naidoo is on a journey of cutting some of co-stars off in her life as well as on social media..

"Nonku calling Sorisha a puppy when she’s literally Jojo’s lap dog! Pleasee.. #RHODurban" wrote Kamo Stan
Without a doubt, Naidoo and Williams friendship have been tested in the past and it is becoming very clear they will never be friend again. Recently Naidoo invited some of her co-stars for her husband Vivian Reddy's birthday and it was very clear who were not invited.

Naidoo teaming up with Slee Ndlovu and Maria Valaskatzis means that Nonku Williams and Jojo Robinson are left out in the cold. Recently, Naidoo's husband Vivian Reddy celebrated his 70th birthday and it was not difficult to notice that some of cast members were not invited.

In a recently shared Instagram photo by Sorisha Naidoo, Slee Ndlovu, Maria Valaskatzis and Annie Mthembu were in attendance but the other ladies. Viewers are also celebrating that even outside the show, Naidoo is slowly managing to keep in contact with her co-stars.

When the season began, some of the ladies including Annie Mthembu were complaining about Naidoo as a friend. Mthembu raised the issue of Naidoo shutting down on them the minute the camera's are down.

"It seems like this time around Sorisha has established who she wants to befriend outside the show. Guess which housewives appear to have NOT been invited to her husband’s birthday celebrations? Yup, tweedledee & tweedledum weren’t there. Love the assertive Sori #RHODurban" wrote Miss Informed Podcast
What exactly does this mean for Nonku Williams and Sorisha Naidoo, only time will tell.

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