Tyson Ngubeni Is On Chicken Licken's Latest Ad

Bob O'Conner reporting for the #SoulfulNation

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Comedian Tyson Ngubeni's skit videos with his hilarious accent impersonations have not gone unnoticed by Mzansi so much so, that he has landed a lead cameo in Chicken Licken's newest advert.

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Chicken Licken is known for its spicy adverts that are in line with current trends and their latest one is no different. In their latest advert, the soul fire chicken fast food restaurant honours ordinary people, who have kept Mzansi entertained and spirits up during the lockdown.

Tyson has been causing a stir on social media with his hilarious videos of himself explaining South African concepts such as a "stop nonsense", the difference between a plastic bag versus a checkers, vetkoek and umjolo, with his Bob O'Conner persona.

The comedian narrates the Chicken Licken advert in his famous Bob O'Conner accent, dressed in his famous yellow leather jacket, as he takes a look at how Mzansi people have been kept entertained during the lockdown.

The advert produced by Joe Public United has been praised for its humour concept and script and many have congratulated Tyson for landing the impressive gig.

Well done to Tyson and the whole team behind the ad!

Image credit: Gemma Garman
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