Swati Princess' memorable raps catch SA's attention

She has captured the attention of SA Twitter with her memorable raps 

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Swati Princess HRH Sikhanyiso raps

Despite Swazi Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini, daughter of King Mswati III developing a love for rap at age 7 and turning it into a career of sorts, her “ability” has only recently gained the attention of South African millennials.  

Videos of her rapping have been blazing social media timelines since she posted this video on her Instagram back in May.

And it immediately found its way to Twitter:

Having taken an interest in Her Royal Highness, we discovered that she even has a stage name: Pashu. 

Pashu reportedly translates into “passion fruit,” a name affectionately given to her by those in her Kingdom.

She also sings:

"Like most people I love music, so much that I recorded a track with Zuluboy though it has never been released. I enjoy rapping and used to wax eloquent while my friend Kyle played the guitar. There is freedom in talking about something you are passionate about, telling it like it is," she told Sowetan in an interview back in 2010.

But the South African response to her indecipherable “rap talents” hasn’t been so great…

What do you guys think?

Main image credit: instagram.com/hrhsikhanyiso

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