"I Fear South African Men More Than Anything In The World" Terry Pheto

SA female celebrities reacts to growing number of killing of children

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Some South African female celebrities have taken to Twitter to share their heartfelt messages following the staggering numbers of killings of children in this country.

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Following the recent Sowetan's article on the high numbers of murdering of  children in South Africa. Female celebrities are most definitely up in arms with the justice system as well as the men of this country, who have been faulted as perpetrators of these crimes.

The Sowetan has reported that at least three children are killed in this country. And almost five-hundred and forty-nine children, some of whom are not even a year old have been killed in the first half of the year 2022 alone.

Radio and TV personality Anele Mdoda is amongst some of Mzansi's female celebrities who have shared their heartfelt message as well as shocker of the spiraling numbers of killings of children. Mdoda also blames herself as someone who have failed these children.

"We failed these kids" wrote Anele Mdoda
Actress and TV mogul Terry Pheto has washed her hands clean with the men of this country as she blames these spiraling numbers of killing of kids at the hands of the South African men. Pheto's saddening message accompanied by a sad face emoji to fully express the hurt and heartache.

"I fear South African Men more than anything in the world" wrote Terry Pheto
Even the Princess of Africa, Yvonne Chaka Chaka is in complete disbelief after learning these shocking numbers that are estimated at approximately 600 kids were killed in the first half of the year.

"Lord have mercy" wrote Yvonne Chaka Chaka
Twitter is also abuzz after learning about the high crime activities as well as the justice system which always fails the victims in this country. Tweeps have also blamed the President, Cyril Ramaphosa while inserting that he will only speak on these killings without taking drastic actions towards them.

"Only when it trends will the President feel like he has to address this" wrote Thabang Moleya
"So long we take murderers,woman/child abusers & rapist to jail NORTHING will WORK in South Africa" wrote Thekiso Mokone
"How has the police minister kept his job after all these terrible crimes happened under his leadership ?" wrote Black Sheep
"It’s heart breaking and a lot still needs to be done to prevent such situations. Starting with harsher punishments for those that commit these crimes and monitoring the kids whereabouts at all times. Even in my complex I don’t like it when kids wonder around unsupervised" wrote Style Candii
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