WATCH: #TheHostessSABC3's Thabo Bluebird takes his puppy on a taxi

The results are hilarious and surprising 

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Watch what happens when #TheHostessSABC3's Thabo Bluebird takes his puppy on a taxi

Gauteng has millions of taxi commuters and nearly as many drivers but one thing a lot of us have never seen is a dog on a taxi. 

This is because taxi drivers are just naturally difficult people with a lot of rules (ironic when you consider how non-chalant they are about the rules of the road). Understandably however, their rules are there to keep their taxis clean and to make sure the rides are as bearable as possible for all. 

With 'no eating' being one of the most common rules, it was just assumed that 'no pets' falls in there as well but it turns out, this may not be the case. 

The Hostess on SABC 3's Thabo 'Sir Bluebird' Mafisa took it upon himself to find out if this is the case by taking his new puppy, Cuba Bluebird on a little outing. Check out what happened

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