Themba Ndaba speaks on homosexuality

His character is a staunched homophobe.

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But he as an actor and individual does not have an issue with homosexuality and even played the character of a gay man way back in the 90's

When you play your character extremely well, it is not surprising that viewers may mistakenly begin to believe that you are the character you portray.

We've heard countless stories of how actors have been attacked in public because of the characters they play and with Themba Ndaba's role as the homophobic uncle Brutus, it would not be surprising to find that there are people who actually think the actor is homophobic.

But Themba Ndaba has gone out to insist that he does not have a problem with homosexuals and that he is merely doing his job as an actor.


Themba spoke to Isolezwa about his job and explained that it's important that an actor portrays his character correctly in order to make the character believable. 

"When I act, I'm expressing the character's personal history, things that he likes and dislikes. It's also important to express the characters beliefs. I don't have much to say about the character I portray, all I'm doing is mirroring on what's happening in society."

He was then asked if he doesn't fear or think that his character is perpetuating homophobia, Themba simply responded by saying that an actors work is to portray how some people think.

"It's true that there are some people who think the way Brutus does, and it's important that an actor shows the true colors of those people without fear."

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