Haaibo Petronella!

Is she planning on releasing a Gqom album?

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Regardless of all the drama that has been happening on Mzansi Magic's The Queen, trust Petronella to brighten up our evenings with her comedic acting.

In the past couple of days, Petronella has been "working hard" at practicing her vocal chords for a singing fundraising competition that was planned to help abused woman and children in the community of Tembisa.

Although Petronella was convinced that she was going to win this competition, her husband - Mjekejeke was not, as he was of the opinion that his wife is a terrible singer.

But has anything ever said by Mjekejeke ever stopped Petronella from doing what she wants? Nope!

With the help of her acting vocal coach, Gracious aka TGom, Petronella was ready to impress the judges and audience with her voice.

Her moment finally arrived but what came out of Petronella's voice shocked even Gracious herself.

Initially, Petronella was supposed to sing Ave Maria but in a twist of events she channelled her inner Babes Wodumo and performed her rendition of a Gqom song.
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Poor Gracious was so shocked at Patronella's performance it was clear that she was never ready for what she had witnessed on stage.

Not only did Petronella sing Gqom she also incorporated some Gqom moves in her performance which include her rendition of a safe vosho and other various moves.

Viewers were quite impressed with Petronella's performance, regardles how hilarious she looked with that rather surprising performance.

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