Thembsie Matu considers venturing into stand-up comedy

South Africa's favourite on-screen domestic worker spreads her wings.

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Her role as Petronella has gained her way more recognition than she would've anticipated.

If you ask anyone who their favourite characters on Mzansi Magic's The Queen are, you'll probably hear Thembsie Matu's name mentioned several times.

Known as the feisty yet hilarious domestic worker on the show, Thembsie never thought that the character would garner her so much attention especially considering that she's been in the acting industry for so long.

Every time Thembsie opens her mouth, you're bound to bust out into laughter with all the crazy things she says. However, according to the actress, she actually does not mean to make people laugh.

During an interview with Drum magazine, she mentioned that when she says something it is not really her intent to make people laugh.

The Queen's Petronella is our new favourite

Fortunately, this untapped talent of hers has managed to get her stand-up comedy gigs:

"I never thought of doing stand-up comedy, but people in Kimberly called me and said they have put me in their line-up for a show because people want me in their space. When I say things I don't say them with the intent to make people laugh, I just say things and people happen to laugh - it's a gift God gave me. For me, stand-up comedy always seemed like organised laughter but Petronella has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I am learning and unlearning all the time," she told the publication.

The actress also added that it is her two kids Unathi (26) and Mamosa (23) who also encouraged her to get into stand-up comedy as making people laugh is something she's been doing for years.

So make sure to look out for Thembsie at a comedy club near you.

Here are just some of our favourite moments between her character - Petronella & T-Gom

They're such a great combination.

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