Thulisile Phongolo Caught In A Crossfire

Her tweet has landed her to the wrath of tweeps

By  | Sep 27, 2022, 02:27 PM  | Thuli Phongolo  | Top of the

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Nothing could have prepared former former Generations actress turned DJ Thulisile Phongolo for the wrath she is under on Twitter. Following her tweet, talking about how she doesn't do anything for a man. She has opened herself for scrutiny as tweeps are cutting her down to size.

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Tweeps are currently having a field day at Thulisile Phongolo's expense, following her tweet about how she does nothing for a man. Whether she meant a boyfriend or any other man. Tweeps did not let her statement slide, as they have lashed out and called Thuli Phongolo to order.

Although Thuli Phongolo's tweets wasn't very specific, as to what exactly was she referring to. However, she continued to insert that she does what she want, which has opened herself up for quite a storm of backlash as she gets called out.

"One thing about me I DON’T do anything for indoda, I do what I want" wrote Thulisile Phongolo
Thuli Phongolo's tweeps must have upset a number of her fans, more especially men. As she is feeling the wrath of her fans criticizing her under her comment section. Tweeps have seen an opportunity to tell her that for that mentality she has about men, she will never get married.

"That's why you'll NEVER be wifed... Men DON'T CARE. NIBANINGI Thuli. The problem is you women think you're unique or something. Uzoguga uphume kufashion soon and there'll be MORE GIRLS to take your place. You're not the first and not the last" wrote Sam Trong
"The fact you are trying so hard to prove it shows that's not who you are and how you live your life There will come a time when you want to live the life you really feel happy about, not this one you are talking about that you think people expect you to live" wrote The World
In the same token, Thuli Phongolo has also caught smoke about her past rumored relationship with DJ Maphorisa. Whether or not the pair was really dating, however tweeps have insinuated that Thuli Phongolo gave in to DJ Maphorisa.

"But the fact tat u used to give @DjMaphorisa a head tells a different story" wrote Mkay
"Kanti wenzani uMaphorisa?" wrote Aphelele Dlamini
"Wamcisha tutorial lessons ze virtual djying awuboni edlala amasimba so" wrote Evancy
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