Thuso Mbedu Reigns Supreme In Hollywood

The first black South African actress to grace The View talk show

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Actress Thuso Mbedu who have gained herself another title of being the South African treasure in the America, continues to high our country flag high. As Thuso Mbedu becomes the very first black South African actress to be on America's The View Talk-show.

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Ahead of the official release in theaters of the much anticipated The Woman King. Our very own fabulous Thuso Mbedu is shining bright like a diamond in America during her movie press junket. Becoming the first South African celebrity to appear on the The View talk show, Mbedu reigned supreme amongst co-star Viola Davis.

During her interview on The View, Thuso Mbedu has painted South Africa as the most beautiful place in the world. During shooting her scenes here in South African she described how she would wake to a beautiful sunrise in the morning, to seeing some of our Big Five animals, which all fascinated the crew and her co-stars.

"It was absolutely amazing, I obviously didn't know where I had auditioned that they will be shooting in Africa let alone South Africa. It made sense for it to be done that way.  Not only was it shot in my home country, the first two weeks were shot in my home province. It was extra special you know, the locations were beautiful, we have beautiful locations in South Africa. You know waking in the morning, the sunrise as early as shoots are, driving you see the elephants, the giraffes, you see all these beautiful animals" said Thuso Mbedu
Even entertainment commentator Phil Mphela has reiterated on the fact that Thuso Mbedu has made history to be the first black South Africa actress to be a guest on The View.
On the Essence Uncovered interview, when actress and co-star Viola Davis was asked to describe Thuso Mbedu. Davis went on a beautiful journey while talking about Thuso Mbedu. She colored and decorated her as special and a very talented star that she is.

"To me Thuso has a translucent talent, where I get the name of that paper that's sort of thin you can though everything. Light comes through in every shade and that is how I see her emotional light coming through with this character.It's that immediacy, that accessibility, that only a few have" said Viola Davis
Reportedly, Viola Davis has shared that she would love for Thuso Mbedu who play her in her biopic.

"Viola Davis said she'd want Thuso Mbedu to play her in a biopic." wrote Sir Walker
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