Mona Monyane's hilarious Instagram moments

We just love how she doesn't take her self seriously on these social media streets.

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Mona Monyane

If there's one thing people struggle to do these days its to not take social media too seriously but not Mona Monyane who understands that the real world is not on an app but out there.

Here are just some of our favourite funny Insta moments from the actress/director?

Like when she told us she was tired of speaking English, Trust! we feel the same way Mona

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Or when she said she was tired of the celebs on fleek lifestyle. 

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Plus Mona's got some great advise on how to save your data, by not taking yourself too seriously.

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And for all those mommies who are planning on having a second child, Mona has a few choice words for you.

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And we love how Mona is not jealous of other women hey, she appreciates their slayage on social media. Meanwhile, with her back at the ranch, it's rough.

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Oh and Mona is a woman who is very comfortable in her skin, so don't think you can try to drag her by the way she looks. You won't win.

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Mona needs her own sitcom hey, she's really hilarious. All this material needs to be made into a production, maybe her and Mandla N can create something and soon please, we need all the laughter we can get from Mona.

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