TNS Donates Clothes To The Homeless

He now has a few clothes left for himself

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TNS is still in the spirit of giving as he now decided to give away a huge chunk of his designer clothes, and leave a few for himself. The Nyathela hitmaker understands the struggle many people face, as he also faced them. The little he can do is to ensure the homeless people are clothed.

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It started last year when he promised to donate items to 50 families in his home city, Durban. He targeted households which depend on grandparent's social grant monies who mostly take care of orphaned children. He was inspired by his own grandmother who did the same for him.

"I will be Donating to 50 Families with Poverty in my City, DURBAN through Grandparents that are feeding Orphans with their own Grant Money like I saw it happening to me with My Grandmother," he wrote at the time.

Now, he donated his own designer clothes which according to him are still fairly new.

In another separate post, he shared a video where he actually donates these clothes to the homeless and he received heaps of praises.

He shared a little bit of his own backstory, when he struggled growing up, "I remember getting soaked by the rain not knowing where I am headed in the streets of KwaMashu. My clothes were soaking wet and I just remembered my mother, and I prayed till the tears flowed along with the rain. I prayed to God and asked him to never make me forget where I come from and who I am. I was overtaken with joy when my brothers got excited over the brand new clothes I gave them. I’m really feeling blessed," he said.

Speaking to Daily Sun, TNS said this idea was sparked when he realised how blessed he was to live under a roof during rainy weather, whereas there are other people who do not have that privilege.

He said when he was struggling, family members turned their backs on him and it was only his sister who was willing to help him.

TNS thought he was not loved by God because of how he struggled but his love for music kept him pushing, and he is now one of the most successful and talented producers and vocalists in the game right now.

Just a few days ago, he announced his split from his baby mama Nothando Mbatha who they share a son Phupholethu. He said his career comes first because he has to make money to sustain their lives and provide for his son.

But he is hopeful that one day he will get back together with her. He said they did not fight neither are they in bad terms, but it was for the best.

Taking to social media last year, he admitted to abusing her. He told various publications that he regrets his actions and would never do it again.

"What I did is completely wrong because this is a woman I want to build my future with. We are already a family. It’s a sensitive matter and it’s not easy to admit, but I would appreciate help," said the musician. On social media he said, “I think for me to do right by my soul I have to come out about this and get help if I need it because this is haunting me all the time. I don’t sleep at night, I smoke a lot, I can’t think straight and I’m no longer myself.”

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