TNS Breaks Things Off With Baby Mama

"I have made a lot of mistakes"

By  | Jan 18, 2022, 05:16 PM  | TNS  | Relationships

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Talented DJ, and producer TNS has announced that he is officially single after breaking up with his baby mama of four years. TNS and Nothando Mbatha have a son together by the name of Phupholethu.

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Taking to Facebook, TNS revealed that his 2022 starts off on a rocky start as his relationship with Mbatha ended. He said he has made a lot of mistakes but he will learn from those mistakes as time goes.

“How my 2022 started for me. I’m officially single. I have made a lot of mistakes. Hopefully I’ll grow up and learn from my mistakes. I know God will pave the way for me. Beautiful journey continues in love and peace,” he wrote.
TNS Facebook post

Soon after his post, fans flocked to congratulate him which he found rather odd.
TNS Facebook post

When Daily Sun reached out to him, TNS said they did not fight, neither is there any bad blood between them, but they had to separate because he chose music instead of a relationship.

He said he will continue being the supportive father to his child and family, and maybe they will get back together one day.

“I still love my baby mama but sometimes love is not enough. I had to choose between my work and her, [so] I chose my work. I’m at a space where I cannot date but work hard for my son and her. I need to make more money and in order to do that I had to sacrifice our relationship. We did not fight and there are no hard feelings between the two of us but I had to walk away.

“I’ll continue supporting her, our son and my entire family. I don’t want this breakup to affect their well-being. Hopefully one day we’ll be back together and raise our son but for now, I need to spread my wings,” he told the publication.

Just four months ago, he showed his appreciation to her by buying her a painting of her. He gushed over how she never left him when things went south so he had to appreciate her.

It was not all rosy for them, as TNS admitted to being abusive towards her. He said he was busy fighting his demons, “I think for me to do right by my soul I have to come out about this and get help if I need it, because this is haunting me all the time. I don’t sleep at night, I smoke a lot, I can’t think straight and I’m no longer myself,” said the musician.

"What I did is completely wrong because this is a woman I want to build my future with. We are already a family. It’s a sensitive matter and it’s not easy to admit, but I would appreciate help," said the musician, adding that he is willing to do whatever it takes to right his wrongs as he believes that he is still young and has lots of learning to do about love and life in general.

Mbatha told Sunday World that he did indeed abuse her, “I don’t think that I should be talking about this [incident] because I recently spoke to him and I don’t want to take this any further with the media,” she said.

During his fight with the entertainment people, TNS claimed that his baby mama got stabbed at her hometown.

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