TNS Reveals Who Inspires him

And it's not Prince Kaybee, but it is his rival

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TNS Music has not had the smoothest of careers as the talented young musician has been marred with controversy countless times. The controversies do not however, take away the talent and the wonderful career he has as well as the support from fans. So where does his inspiration come from?

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The Ayabonga hitmaker has recently revealed that his musical inspiration is none other than Black Coffee The internationally renowned DJ has inspired many with his rags to riches story and how he continues to fly the South African flag up high. However, many would have though his inspiration is Prince Kaybee seeing how the world got introduced to him through Prince.

Another factor that many took to consideration when they added their two-cents under TNS's Instagram post was the fact that Prince Kaybee and Black Coffee are not each other's biggest fans.

The two had a fall-out earlier this years after Black Coffee decided to defend friend and business partner, Euphonik, when he was being dragged by Twitter’s favorite, Koshiek Karan. Prince Kaybee had sided with Koshiek, which resulted in Black Coffee and Euphonik dragging Prince Kaybee and calling him a “house ni**a.”

The two then exchanged harsh words to each other which lead to both their fan bases to conclude that they are not each other's fans.

Prince and TNS  also had a bit of a fall-out however Prince apologized and TNS forgave him. He then later referred to him as his big brother, showing that their beef is water under the bridge.

In order for peace to prevail, TNS deleted his IG post.

TNS has some entertainment vultures after him and Prince Kaybee has come out publicly to declare he has his back. This year alone he has had two incidences where his life and his close families' were threatened.

TNS's house got broken into, then soon after the Nyathela hitmaker went on IG live to rant and beg for his life following threats he has been receiving.

"They’re so many, they even formed a group… to see if this thing I cannot handle. I cannot fight. I can’t fight this fight because I’m alone. I don’t have a mother and a father.

"They try to do all this bad things so that I quit, so that I give-up, so that I become paralyzed, so that in the end, I'll be unable to make the kind of music I made for South Africans," he cried.

He later apologised and life went on as normal, however the second incident proved shocking and it's no brainer why it could be happening as the DJ continues to do major things.

Secondly 'they' allegedly attacked and stabbed his girlfriend and mother of his 8 month-old son Nothando Mbatha.

After all these unfortunate incidences occurred, TNS remains positive, "I may not have an easy way to make People Love TNS❤🙏🏽 but I will always connect with them through the Music I make🙌🏽 aykabi"
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