Prince Kaybee Mocks Rude Tweeps Over TNS Music

He agreed to being labelled a parasite

By  | Sep 27, 2020, 07:37 AM  | Prince Kaybee  | Drama

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Prince Kaybee has been mocked and ridiculed on social media for the longest time now and for the sake of peace he has mized any insults that were thrown at him. The award-winning producer has been called talentless and only relies on features as well as drama surrounding beef to stay relevant.

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Not looking to cause any more drama by clapping back at the trolls, Prince simply agreed to being called a parasite to TNS Music.

"To be honest you're a parasite. Why can't you make a song without featuring that house & Mercedes of yours… You're what you are because of TNS, I'm Just telling (you) the truth," Twitter user said.

Another ridiculed him and said, Prince is nothing without TNS. Prince Kaybee is known for his stinging clapbacks and his petty nature, however this time he just simply agreed and kept it moving.

Even seasoned music producer DJ Maphorisa said Prince Kaybee's success is because of TNS Music.

The latest celeb Prince is feuding with is Anga Makubalo. The Hosh hitmaker decided to rehash their beef when he commented on a post showcasing the latest BMW SUV test drive on hard terrain, and safe to say it was failing. He then commented on the post and suggested that the SUV is similar to K*kMusiQ. Before NaakMusiQ could even reply his friend and Afrotainment boss, DJ Tira demanded that Prince Kaybee take it down, and by now we all know that Kabelo does not take instructions from anybody.

Last year, things got heated when a 'heartbroken' Prince cleared his name after a video surfaced of an interview between him and Mac G. The two reportedly stopped talking after TNS was said to have stolen Prince Kaybee's girl. In an interview that was recorded around the time the saga blew up, Prince Kaybee was seen to be slamming TNS and claiming that before the two met, TNS didn't even have enough money to buy himself underwear.

After having his named dragged through the mud, and people wanting to cancel him, Prince apologised. "I was hurting at the time and everything I said came from a dark, dirty place of disappointment because of all the things that happened between TNS and I. This happened while TNS and I were fighting. I am sorry to all the people I have disappointed."

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The two have since patched things up late last year, with TNS saying Prince is like a father figure to him. "Sometimes Music is not Enough to make me a who I am, but Care, Love and Support from Family can Make you feel Alive, Inspired and give you Energy to Continue Working Harder and Harder," he wrote.

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