Toya Delazy Slammed For Celebrating Interacial Couple

Is she being abused?

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Black Twitter has come out guns blazing after the international sensation of the "Love Is In The Air" fame Toya Delazy made a comment that was not well received.

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The 31-year-old South African singer, producer, pianist, dancer and performer Latoya Nontokozo Buthelezi " Toya DeLazy" was dragged for filth today when she commented under a Twitter post that showed the man that was in the news not so long after, Mandla Lamba.

Mandla Lamba took a video with a woman that we are assuming is his girlfriend. She is a white woman that seems so in love with the alleged scammer.

In the video, we can hear Mandla saying, "If I don't love you the way that I said you deserved to be loved, what did I say you must do?...look at me, what did I say you must do?"

Mandla's girlfriend says, "Demand to be loved that way that I deserve"

Mandla then proceeds to ask if she believes that she is being loved the way that she deserves to be loved, the girlfriend then says yes in a very low voice

The rest of the conversation goes like this:

Mandla: "Are you sure you don't want another man"
Girlfriend: "Yeah"
Mandla: "Are you happy with me?"
Girlfriend: "Yeah, more than happy"

Seeing what she thought was cuteness overload in the 45-second video, Toya commented and said, "I love the energy here it's so beautiful"

Black Twitter did not take kindly to her comment and attacked her music career.

@Sim_Saliwa said, "You must also put more energy in your music career...because you fell off!!!"

@blackbrotha_rsa said, "You don't fall when you were never hot."

@BandileM_ said, "If you gonna be mean, the least you can do is state facts. Toya is not down and out, she's doing very well for herself in London. Her tweet stinks but never discredit her work"

@LollymacMaklima said, "I don't know what energy Toya saw here this man's tone is just off and the woman looks scared."

@GailAllan15 said, "Honey have you lost the plot. If you think this is a healthy relationship, you have got it all wrong. Watch it again and look for certain signs of controlling behaviour."

To which Toya replied and said, "I didn't deep it sis...I thought it was reassuring. If she's not safe kubi ke lokho but from first glance, it seemed like he was empowering his lover"

Toya was recently added to the Altar playlist on Spotify. She penned this on Instagram, "Mama, I'm on the Altar playlist on Spotify...I can't explain the feeling, to get recognition in such a global space. Little gal from Zulu land, playing alongside her heroes Solomun, Haai, Chemical Brothers, Peggy Gou, Seth Troxler, Sherelle, and all these LIVING LEGENDS in the alternative electronic scene. Thank you universe, thank you, I am forever grateful. + gal's on the cover of The Loft playlist..."

It seems Toya is doing quite well for herself in the UK.

This video on the other hand, not so well. It has received attention all over social media. Tweeps seem to think that the women in the video is being abused, controlled and is scared of Mandla.
What do you guys think, is Mandla abusing this woman?

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