Nota Baloyi Curses Out Trevor Noah

Tweeps have washed their hands clean with his rants

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During a number of his outrageous rants on Twitter, controversial Nota Baloyi has taken a swipe at Trevor Noah for no absolute reason. Tweeps have certainly washed their hands clean with the anger and rage that Baloyi has towards other people.

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Following his trending video on Twitter where he is at loggerheads with the Johannesburg Metro Police (JMPD), Nota Baloyi continues to keep tweeps at the edge of their seats. As he went to lash out on our very own treasure who hosts America's The Daily Show, Trevor Noah.

Baloyi has insulted Trevor Noah and called him out of his name during his rant on Twitter. Some tweeps have dubbed his commentary on Trevor Noah as racist and bigotry'. Nota Baloyi have called Trevor Noah a Swiss Belgian chocolate coconut while wishing death upon him from a d*#k.

"One more thing… F*ck Trevor Noah, that Swiss Belgian chocolate coconut can eat a dirty d*ck & choke to death on it!" wrote Nota Baloyi
Tweeps are angered and have advised Nota Baloyi to go seek help because there is absolutely 'normal' about his behavior, especially on social media. Tweeps have dubbed Baloyi a South African Kanye West, who from time to time takes to social media to rant on things and people, especially his former wife Kim Kardashian and her family.

"You can have a dream within a dream you will never come close to Trevor, that man is a G. O. A. T wena uyimbovane esadla udoti in comparison to Trev" wrote Masixole Maswana
"Wena nota you have to go to a strip joint and release all that violence" wrote Lutendo
"Ndoda, ugrand nova you need help... Phela everyday you are pulling a Kanye to people out there man, that's not right..." wrote Tshifiwa
"Shame. You woke up and needed to take a minute out of your life to write this about someone who doesn't even know you exist. How sad" wrote Emancipated Black Queen
Tweeps have condemned Baloyi for his disrespect towards Trevor Noah. While inserting that he is a disgrace in this country.

"Let's report this mf once and for all he's a disgrace to this country" wrote Sweezy
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