What is Trevor Noah going to joke about now that J-Z is gone?

The end of an era in more ways than one 

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Why it is important that we celebrate Trevor Noah’s wins

Trevor Noah's career as an entertainer began in the early 2000's and just as his career as a comedian began to blow up, Jacob Zuma was elected president of the ANC and subsequently, president of the country. 

Considering the fact that politics formed a major part of Noah's material, one can only begin to imagine just how many Jacob Zuma jokes he has told over the years. 

In fact, Noah has become so synonymous with Zuma jokes that many developed the habit of looking to him for comment everytime our former president did or said anything. 

It is no wonder that so many of us were left questioning what Noah will joke about the day that J-Z finally announced his much awaited resignation. 

Noah answered that question (sort of) in the form of a playlist of all the material he has ever done regarding former president Jacob Zuma and his tendencies. 

And although Zuma is gone, we highly doubt that Noah will run out of good material. Afterall, we still have the likes of Julius Malema, Bantu Holomisa, Mmusi Maimane and Floyd Shivambu just to name a few. 

And don't forget that Trevor Noah 


is international now. Unless President Donald Trump gets impeached, he's going to be Noah's American Zuma - the comedy gift that just keeps on giving. 

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