Tsholofelo Matshaba loves her festive food

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The festive season should actually be called the 'season of gluttony'. This is where gym vibes slowly fade away and days of loafing about and eating whatever we please begins.

We’ve seen many celebrities this year promoting a healthy lifestyle for all as they constantly hit the gym and eat well. But one celebrity who is not particularly concerned with her figure and healthy food for the season is Mamello actress Tsholofelo Matshaba.

The actress admitted to ZAlebs that she’s not the type of person who watches what they eat because she’s such a great lover of food.

“I won’t be doing a whole lot of vacationing in December, but I know I will be enjoying some festive season food. It’s funny because as an actor you know you’re going to get in trouble with your wardrobe mistress when you get back on set because you’ve been on a binging spree and deep down you know that your costumes might not fit," she said.

For someone who enjoys her food a lot, we thought Tsholofelo was one of those gym bunnies who constantly goes to the gym to balance things out. However, to our surprise, that is not the case.

"I don’t even go to gym, I’ve been thinking of jogging in and around the neighbourhood and I’ve been thinking of it for the past month and a half, but I haven’t gotten down to doing it yet. I’m really not fussy about my body because I do eat small meals throughout the day," she continued.

"However, I will admit that I’ve inherited good genes but I love my food, especially my African cuisines. I’m the type of person who finishes off people’s leftovers on a plate, I’m the rubbish bin, I eat it all!”

Lucky her! Some of us will need to hit the gym when January arrives!

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