Tumi Morake's "expensive English" decoded

She thinks the B-Force is doing too much 

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Tumi Morake is not here for Bonang's fans

Comedienne, Tumi Morake has hilariously responded to Queen B*'s hoity refusal to appear on her SABC 3 show, WTF Tumi, citing advice from her fans not to do so. 

Industry heavy-weights and fans alike have been sharing their thoughts on the matter ever since but it was this particular critique from entertainment commentator, Phil Mphela, that got Tumi's attention. She has actually been silent ever since she responded to Bonang Matheba's denial of the request made by the show's producers but all those Twitter tags eventually broke through and prompted her to respond: 

Tumi Morake is not here for Bonang's fans

Tumi's hilarious and bombastic response has gone over the heads of some: 

So what DID Tumi say? 

  • "Don't argue with her stans, it's a futile excercise" = there is no point in arguing with Bonang's fans
  • "...that ends in needless denigration..." = you will be unnecessarily criticized  
  • "...and renders your intellect superfluous..." = you will end up looking stupid 
  • "Mind you they grossly hyperbolize the few times she's been mentioned on the show" = they are exaggerating. *We [at WTF Tumi] have never maliciously mentioned Queen B in the few times we've mentioned her on the show. 

At the end of the day however, 👇🏾

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