#Umndeni Viewers Want Nkanyezi Back

"The show is boring without her"

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Umndeni viewers are already calling for Nkanyezi to come back. Nkanyezi left Maseko's family a few weeks ago after Dabula and Mamkhulu kicked her out.
"Hai this show has lost content shame๐Ÿ˜. Since Nkanyezi has left, there is no need to watch it," @KaraboM tweeted.
While other fans want Nkanyezi back, others are happy that she left after the way she had been treated on the show. Maseko and his family have tried to fetch her but failed. @AdvoBarryRoux tweeted: "They must leave Nkanyezi alone she moved out and start over now they still go and provoke her as for Dabula he must not forget that heโ€™s still a man to even raise his hands on Nkanyezi. #Umndeni"
Meanwhile, Umndeni got under fire a few weeks ago as viewers accused the show of promoting Gender Base Violence (GBV). This was after Dabula manhandled Nkanyezi. Read More: Umndeni Viewers Have Had Enough

Reacting to the scene, fans said Dabula has been physical with his female cast members for a long time and nothing has been done about it. @Kudzibabe tweeted, "Dabula assaulting Nkanyezi last season was enough for me 2 be put off him n realize he was a bully n using his manly physical attributes to assault a woman. But angithi he is a pple's fav and you all hyped him, lam surprised you are all only realizing now that he is heartless #Umndeni37124."
Fans called for Dabula to be arrested like Bujy who got arrested last year after physically assaulting the rapper and TV presenter Boity Thulo. Read More: Boity Hospitalised After Bujy Assaults Her

In his statement, Bujy said he was also verbally abused and physically assaulted. He revealed, "I was verbally abused and told that my surname has no relation to who I am and because of that, that is why my career is going nowhere in terms of growth, in fact, "what is it that I do in the media industry because I am actually nothing!..

"...being kicked and punched while being told that "I am a man, I am a man," I must take it. The pain of suffering of having to let a woman abuse me verbally and physically while trying to contain myself and holding her hands to stop was not enough until witnesses managed to defuse the situation. That did not make matters subtle, as it was continued that I was insulted."

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