Unathi's Dance Video Breaks The Internet

Sis can move!

By  | Mar 31, 2022, 09:12 AM  | Unathi Nkayi  | Top of The

Unathi Nkayi
Unathi Nkayi is always setting the internet ablaze with her stunning body, and this time she has done it again, with a recent dance video. 
The radio personality recently took to Instagram to share a video of herself dancing, and we have to say, sis has got the moves! She had attended Ragga Night, and she and another lady followed along to dance moves as suggested by one lead guy, who we gather was part of the organisers of the event. 

Unathi knows she is exactly that babe, sharing that she has always known how to dance. “So bored with people always asking ‘Unathi uyakwazi uku jiva?’ So ANNOYING. Yes MF’s I have a dance degree from Rhodes University taught by Gary Gordan and Andrew Buckland themselves,” she joked. 

But she was only joking about having the dance degree, not about being super smooth with it, because we can all see that she has got the moves. She had other celebrities in her comments section choking with FOMO and jealousy, including Bontle Modiselle and Celeste Ntuli

This is not the first time that Unathi has set the internet ablaze with a dance video. A few months ago, she shared a video of herself with her friends, including Minnie Dlamini

In the video, they were in their bikinis, in what looked like a gorgeous holiday home, basking in the sun and dancing to Nkao Tempela, which was a viral dance challenge at the time. 

The video immediately got a life of its own, as it took the internet by storm. But the sad part is that she inadvertently landed Minnie in trouble, as tweeps immediately came for the sports presenter. 

They compared the bodies of the two ladies, which was rather unnecessary. Listen, we can all agree that Unathi is smoking hot. She has been putting in her hours in the gym, and it has paid off beautifully, because have you seen her abs! 
But the sad part is that fans thought Minnie had let herself go since she got married, and that they never thought they would live to see the day when Unathi would be hotter than Minnie. 

It got worse, as when Minnie announced that she and Quinton Jones were getting divorced, Unathi was dragged into the drama. Fans suggested that women like her had poisoned Minnie’s mind, so that she could not keep her marriage any longer. 
But we are glad to see that Unathi is having a grand time. Life really does begin at 40, as they say! 

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