Uncle Waffles Readies To Release Second Project

'Welcome to the Asylum'

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Uncle Waffles has announced the title of her upcoming project, Asylum. This will be her second offering following her debut EP called Red Dragon.

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The EP consists of 7 songs but she kept her collaborators mum. Taking to Instagram, Waffles revealed the cover art and track list, “1 year ago, I released my debut project, unlocking a part of me I never knew existed, vulnerability I never knew I could feel. A year later, I’m doing it again, Welcome to the Asylum,” she wrote.

The project will be released on Friday, 31st of March.

Waffles broke into the music scene with her viral video performing on set and then released her first single Tanzania with Tony Duardo. The song features Sino Msolo and BoiBizza and was released in 2022.

Her debut EP, Red Dragon was officially released in March 2022.

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Waffled was featured on Audiomack's #UpNow artiste. “Growing up, Swaziland didn’t have a creative community and we had limited opportunities for individuals to showcase their artistic abilities. Therefore, I am appreciative of the recognition and platform provided by Audiomack, as it denotes a significant difference and appreciation for my craft and abilities. I aspire to be remembered as someone who achieved the impossible in every aspect,” Waffles said.

Celebrating her success, Audiomack's SVP of Marketing and Brand Strategy Jason Johnson said, “Uncle Waffles is truly deserving of this honor, in less than a year, she went from making her first Audiomack upload to performing at Coachella and it’s a testament to her talent, commitment, and ambition. She’s carving a new lane for Amapiano artists, and we’re excited to witness her grow into a superstar.”

Waffles mastered the art of ignoring trolls and continuing with her success. Slik Talk even named her the worst highest paid DJ, "This girl is the worst highest paid DJ I ever heard in my life. Everything about her set was garbage...the mixing, the songs, she was playing songs from 2019."

"This is what I hate about this whole internet sensation thing, we overhype people  and make them think that they are talented. Uncle Waffles has zero talent. She is a pretty girl but she is not talented. She can dance and she has a great stomach but we have a million other talented dancers.

"When the Adiwele song falls off will Uncle Waffles be here? I don't thinks so," dissed the YouTuber. "Uncle Waffles, you are 10KGs away from falling off, ask Kamo Mphela she knows," he trolled.

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