Meet Mzansi's Celebrity Doppelgangers

Their striking resemblance will leave you confused

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Yanga Sobetwa/Zahara
As is the case in everyday life, we often know or come across people who look so much alike that it’s hard to tell the two apart. And while it is still an interesting mystery that we are still yet to figure out, you will be happy to know that our celebrities also have their very own doppelgangers that always leave fans confused.

If you have always wondered which of your fave Zaleb has a doppelganger then we hope this list will satisfy that curiosity. Keep reading and find out.

Bonnie Mbuli and Zozibini Tunzi

This is one duo that needs no introduction, especially where their similarities are concerned. The two have on several occasions confused fans especially that one time when Bonnie used to rock her short hair and the almost identical height!

The media presenter has time and time again joked about how Zozi must be tired with people comparing the two of them together because of their appearances. Bonnie has even admitted that Zozi reminds her of her younger self. You’ll be happy to know that the two have met and are of course very good friends. 
Still it bugs many how two unrelated celebrities could look so much alike and still be very happy and unbothered about it! 

Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton

While many might be surprised to see these two as celebrity twinsies, the truth is, even their very own family members have confused them at one point. Speaking on the famous The Late Late Show, Saldana confessed that her mom still thinks that she is the one acting on Thandie’s Westworld. 

My mom still thinks that I'm in Westworld. I'm like, 'Years ago you thought that I was in Traffic. Mom, you did not give birth to Thandie Newton'. 

Looks like it is not just fans who are shocked at their uncanny resemblance, but Thandie herself was also taken aback to learn that people thought that she and Saldana are twinsies. Not to say that Saldana isn’t beautiful but still… 

Boity Thulo and Minnie Dlamini

I know what you are thinking? Are these two media personalities really doppelgangers? Well, they are. But it solely depends on how you choose to look at them. Despite their similarities, the two lead quite different lives. 
Minnie is married to Quinton Jones and they have the most adorable son ever. She is famously known for her dope presenting skills and her infamous sports show that has also landed her in quite some trouble with Black Twitter many times before.

As for Boity, other than her new found love with Anton Jeftha, she continuously breaks the internet with her raunchy bod that always leaves many drooling. 

Presley Chweneyagae and Julius Malema

They spend the majority of their time in the spotlight, one as a politician and the other as an actor. While they are completely different, they have a striking resemblance that has caused some confusion. 

It got so bad that one time Presely ended up getting in trouble just for being Malema’s lookalike. Taking to his Twitter, Julius warned Mzansi saying, “Presley Chweneyagae is not me or my body double. Stop harassing him white people.”

Presely is an award winning actor and Julius Malema continues to make tremendous headway in as far as his political career is concerned. 

Yanga Sobetwa and Zahara

Remember the Idols SA season 14 winner, Yanga Sobetwa? Well, ever since she mesmerized Mzansi with her beautiful voice, we couldn’t help but also notice how similar she and season singer Zahara are. 

The two who have also taken a photo together also seem to be acquainted with each other and there is no denying that they too know that they share a striking resemblance. On one occasion Zahara even referred to Yanga as her little sister, and even dedicated her song Destiny to Yanga.This, we love to see. 

After the 21 year old scored the Idols SA title in 2018, Zahara sent the rising singer a sweet message saying,

Hey Yanga, my sisters just called me right now, they’re like you are my younger sister and they’re my old sisters…I just want to say keep up the good work. You were born for music, it’s not something you study, and it is your gift.

Well, which doppelganger duo was your absolute fave?  

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