Zahara Addresses Alcohol Problem

She serves to inspire people through her music

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It's no secret that songstress Zahara is talented and entertaining not to forget her vibrant personality and sense of humour. All of that was displayed in Somizi's kitchen on the second episode of Dinner At Somizi's.

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Zahara has been through the most both personally and career-wise, however she has tasked herself to educate and inspire people.

Putting her culinary skills to the test she joined Somgaga to cook a meaty chicken giblet and lamb pie, and some cocktails.

Later the pair sat down and discussed Zahara's drinking problem, and her troubles within the industry over a glass of wine, nothing was off-limits.

The Mgodi hitmaker has always been vocal about the dark side of the music business and that she was fed up with the music industry. She has been struggling with certain people in the industry who she felt took advantage of her, and it sent her into a dark space.

After being subjected to being called an alcoholic, the singer would often express she is hurt by that label.

She clarified with Somizi that the problem was not the alcohol, instead it was the problems that came with fame that led her to drink.

"I had to deal with what led me to drink because the problem was not the alcohol, the problem was what led me to drink," she clarified.

On the topic of industry bullies, she said her intentions was not only to fight them but it was about revealing the truth. She also feared that she would not get enough radio airplay, make television appearances and get bookings.

"I won't lie, I feared that I won't get any airplay on radio, appear on television or get any gig anymore. but I though it's not even about that, it's about the greater picture which is to inspire and give hope, so let me voice (it) out," she said.

Watch the trailer below:

She also revealed that she is cooking something in studio and fans are in for a treat.

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