ZAlebs who overcame addiction

Fame has it's pitfalls and addiction is one of them 

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Riky confirms he's no longer part of Mabala Noise Entertainment

Addiction does not care if you are a celebrity, nor does it discriminate. 

Whether you're rich or poor, addiction affects all people equally.

Addiction is something that can happen to anyone and even though recovery is hard, it is important to remember that it is possible.

Here are some of the local celebrities who have overcome addiction.

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo's Thingo turns three

Kelly Khumalo admitted to being addicted to drugs while she was dating Jub Jub. She was quoted as saying “I used drugs because of my then boyfriend, I did it as a gift to him." 

She was addicted to cocaine but started recovery after attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Today, the single mom of two is sober and seems to be in a much better place.

Riky Rick

Riky Rick rocking patent like a god

Riky admitted to being addicted to drugs in his early 20s , he has since transformed his life. The rapper is now one of the most recognizable faces in South Africa and one of our favourite family men.

Nina Hastie

Nina Hastie

Nina has been open about her battle with alchol addiction, the comedian speaks candidly about what led her to the bottle, she has been living sober for a couple of years.

Trevor Gumbi

Trevor Gumbi

Trevor Gumbi turned to drugs from a young age because of his tumultuous upbringing. In an interview with Noeleen on SABC 3, he admitted that he was addicted to cocaine. The comedian is now living a healthier drug free life.

Kabelo Mabalane 


Kwaito legend Kabelo admitted to blowing millions of rands on cocaine & partying in his early days as a musician. In an interview with with Anele Mdoda, he said, "I am one whisky away from relapsing." 

The star has been clean since 2002, he has turned his life around and he serves a beacon of hope to those who are in addictive addiction.

Pabi Moloi

Pabi Moloi longevity in the broadcasting industry

We were all shocked when Pabi Moloi admitted that she was battling alcohol addiction. The media personality is now sober & is living a much healthier lifestyle.

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