#ZAlebsBeauty - Different types of braids and what they are called

Instead of showing your hairdresses some pictures off Instagram, try asking for these... 

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Different types of braids and what they are called

We've all been guilty of it before... Going to the hairdresser and showing her a picture of a hairstyle from a magazine or from Instagram and although a picture is worth a thousand words, surely it would be easier to just ask for some Fulani braids. 

Check out theses braided hairstyles and what they are called 

Side swept cornrows 

Popularized after Beyonce dropped her music video for Formation, side swept braids are all the rage right now. 

Different types of braids and what they are called

Goddess Braids 

These are more than just thick cornrows guys and dolls and they actually come in a variety of styles. 

Different types of braids and what they are called

Fulani Braids

Kim K calls them 'Bo Derek' braids but that's just her lack of knowledge about ethnic hair at work. These are actually called Fulani braids and like goddess braids, they come in a number of variations. 

fulani braids

Crochet braids 

Very few people are aware of this quick and easy style that can be used to mimic a number of looks. 

crochet braids

Everything from singles, box braids and dreads to a full curly hairstyle can be mimicked in lesser time using the crochet method. 

crochet braids

This style is perfect for those who are skilled enough to do their own hair. Check out this tutorial:

Ghana Braids 

These have to be the most named braids in the history of braids as people refer to them in using a number of names - cherokee cornrows, pencil cornrows, invisible cornrows, and even banana braids. In South Africa, this style is most popularly referred to as carrot or fishtail. 

ghana braids

Box braids 

This style is named after the way in which the hair on the scalp is separated before the braids are attached. 

box braids

Triangle box braids 

These are a change on the good old box braids as they feature a different style of separating the hair on the scalp in a geometrically interesting way. 

triangle box braids

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