Zenande's Parents Get Vaccinated

Yay for the rents

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The Queen's actress Zenande Mfenyana is in good spirits as she informed tweeps that her parents got their Covid-19 vaccination.

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She said, "My parents got their 2 shots each.  When I say Queenstown is fast, Queenstown is fast! Iyabulela ilali"

The actress has been very vocal on social media and tweeps are not vibing with what they are terming her"big mouth". Her legendary clap backs have really landed her on the wrong side of Twitter and uhm, sis is not about that life. She could not care less.

Zenande was recently told to be more humble after she could not just come out and tell her fan, a cashier, that she was the person the cashier thought she was. She posted the encounter on Twitter.
Tweeps dragged her for her actions.

Some said, "Funny how you think being a mean spirited person is okay hey. Sithule nje siyabuka (we are watching silently). OThuso, Bonang, Nomzamo, Trevor Noah and So many other entertainers that are even newbies like Amkele Qamata are doing WAY better than u but here you are. Go on sis". 

Another one said, "I see why your friend did not check up on you for five months"

Do you guys remember when Zenande clapped back so hard when she was mocked for her postpartum pregnancy look?

The Queen actress was not having it when a troll body-shamed her, disregarding the fact that she gave birth just a few months ago.

From her change in skin colour to her physical changes, Zenande has accepted these changes but people's opinions are not welcome.

She proved this when a troll came for her body during an episode of The Queen, saying her belly is very big, “Goodness’ tummy is still big.” Zenande, who plays Goodness, with the help of profanity told the troll where to get off and then had to remind them that she gave birth, hence the size of her belly.

Zenande said, “F**k off! Did you grow a human being inside you? Stop being such a d**k” responding to the tweet that has been deleted.

This is not the first time she raised some eyebrows when responding to a troll about her look. During her pregnancy, she topped the trends list after a woman came at her sideways. Her fiery response to a woman "reaching out" saw her getting dragged. All because she shared a picture of herself with no make-up and some pregnancy essentials as a partnership with Tommee Tippee.

A woman slid into her DMs and gave her unsolicited advice on how to deal with people mocking her pregnancy look. Angered by this woman, Zenande clapped back and told her that her message was not welcome.

"I never said I'm not embracing my pregnancy. Just cause you laugh about it I don't find any of it funny at all. Please keep your opinion to yourself next time," she responded.

Zenande is not one to be played with. She will address you, you will wish the phone screen would swallow you.

Zenande's little ballerina is the cutest child we have seen, that's not surprising though with how gorgeous her mom is. We still do not know the father of Zenande's baby but that's okay, we love a queen that values their privacy. 

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