Mbalenhle Mavimbela Gives Zikhona Sodlaka Her Flowers

She bows down to the queen and we stan it

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Actress Mbalenhle Mavimbela, has taken to her Instagram account to sing Zikhona Sodlaka's praises.

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Zikhona who plays the role of Mandisa in The Wife, continues to steal the hearts of avid watchers of the show with her enthralling performances, and Mbalenhle has taken the time to pay homage to her.

It is always heartwarming to see young actors give flowers to the OGs in the game while they can still smell them. The actress shared a clip of them on set while filming an emotional scene and thanked Zikhona for mentoring her.

"We dive in too hard and it’s all worth it. @zikhonasodlaka I love you and thank you for teaching me so much, you are brilliant," she captioned the post.

The comments section was filled with praises for Zikhona's pure talent and groundbreaking performances.

Here is how tweeps have reacted to Zikhona's acting

Zikhona has been with the show since the first season and she continued to mesmerize the viewers with her talent.

Catching up with Showmax recently, she revealed how similar she is in real life to Mandisa. "She’s Xhosa and I'm Xhosa; that's all. We're very different. I'm shy and quiet in real life, so it's been really lovely playing somebody so loud. That's one of my favourite things about her: her absolute imperfection. Everything about her is so wrong to a person like myself, who likes to hold back.  It doesn't matter what she sounds like; it doesn't matter what she looks like; it doesn't matter what her size is.  Which is something that was quite a sore point for me in Season 1 because I had just had a baby and I was just like, ‘Oh my God, do I want to play this role? Shouldn't I wait until I'm an eight again?’ Playing her has taught me to be a little bit braver. 
She also spilled the deets on how different Mandisa is from the roles you’ve played before. "I think Mandisa is probably the most honest character I’ve ever portrayed. I love how extremely brave she is and how she’s unafraid of wearing her heart on her sleeve. They don’t write characters like Mandisa on television. Every woman has to be perfect, neat and speak a certain way. Mandisa is the opposite of what women characters in South Africa are written as. But I know a lot of Mandisas in real life. "

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