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Considered as one of the most-loved pretty boys in the South African hip hop scene, rapper Smashis is not only building his career as a forced to be reckoned with but he’s also sweeping the ladies off their feet one lyric at a time.

We stand corrected, but it seems like Smashis is running Braamfontein where girls are concerned? 

With a bit of research and a bit of stalking, every other post and lady we speak to always mentions that every time they see him around Braam, they’re always left star struck and misty-eyed. Sadly they never get the courage to greet him.

This then leads to the ladies heading over to his Instagram page to let him know they saw him but were afraid to say "hello".

Argh, shame ladies, we’re sure Smashis doesn’t bite, just walk up to him and say "hi" already.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why Smashis is our #ManCrushMonday of the week.

There’s nothing like a guy who holds his mother dear to his heart



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A leader of the pack 


Young king! 😎🏆

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Always hands on when it comes to his craft 

There's a saying that goes: "If you want something done right, do it for yourself", and Smashis is sure doing things for himself. Granted he's now a video director, but it sure is attractive to see that he's taking charge of things.

He's all kinds of hot 

Ladies, we hear that you also love his height too? It also seems like he's oblivious to his hotness.

Older heads in the game respect his hustle and humbleness

When Bozza from one of the most-celebrated hip hop groups in Mzansi (Skwatta Kamp) gives you the co-sign, know that your career is headed into the right direction (WARNING: A naughty word is enclosed in Bozza's Tweet).


The big homies are watching!! 🙏 #SIMELANE

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