Another female MC on the rise: Zinzi Kahnish

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The rap industry has had a few female MC since its inception from the likes of Queen Latifah, Lady of Rage, Foxxy Brown, MC Lyte, Da Brat the list goes on.  However in South Africa female rappers haven’t yet penetrated the Hip Hop scene as much as we’d like them to.  Yes, we’ve had the likes of Godessa and maybe even Nestum who attempted to convince us that she could rap but we've yet to see any sustained success. 

So here we are in 2014 and some of you may ask yourselves, "Is there actually a female MC who can offer something different and fresh?" Well we actually think there is. This week we spoke to female MC, Zinzi Kahnish who gave us her take on the female MC’s in South Africa

Zinzi, it’s only right we first ask you about your performance at the Fun Box this past weekend.  How did the crowd receive you, especially considering that you we performing alongside local hip hop heavyweights?

It was absolutely amazing my crew and I had rehearsed extensively for this specific performance.  I think we gave off quite a quality packed performance for the audience plus I was actually the only performer who had dancers on stage, so people were really impressed and they loved it.  The response was great man.

There aren’t many local female MC’s in the industry and it can be a bit difficult to earn your respect to such a male dominated genre, how has the close knit hip hop community received you thus far?

You're right, there aren’t enough ladies in the hip hop circuit but I’ve honesty been received well by my hip hop peers and the reason why I think this is so is because I really do put effort into my lyrics.  Male rappers (well not all of them) put a lot of effort into their lyrics and I’m just trying to be on the same level as them.  My aim is not only to be compared to women but also to men, plus my sound is different; I’m not taking the route that other female rappers are taking which sets me apart from the rest. This is why my singles have received great response.

Which one of your singles has been your best work to date?

I’d definitely say Paranoia which is my latest single. I also have another single entitled I got it coming out next week I performed it at Fun Box and to my surprize people loved so I’m really excited for people to officially release that track for the streets.

Earlier on you said that you’d like to be more compared to the male MC’s and the best way to test one’s talent with regards to hip hop is to join in. We saw a lot of rappers involve themselves in battle sessions are you also a battle MC?

Well I used to back in high school because that’s how I initially got interested in this culture.  I’d love to do it again but lately people don’t really battle anymore. If I were to battle anyone I’d definitely love to go toe to toe with the likes of Cassper Nyovest and K.O

Do you ever get compared to other rappers? After all nothing’s ever new under the sun these days.

I wouldn’t say I’ve been compared to anyone; maybe the quality of the sound might be similar to that of Nicki Minaj or Iggy Azalea’s sound  I can’t say that I can compare myself to local female MC’s because I don’t think I’m at that level, I’d say I’m two steps ahead of them right now.

So what do you think of Nadia’s verse on the Amantombazane remix?

She was ok, but I think if we were both on the same track I would’ve came out on top.  She would’ve probably quit hip hop by now, not that I’m hating, I’m actually glad that other women are doing this thing but if we’re going to do it we must take over completely.

Do you think there will ever come a point where people stop highlighting that one is a female MC then rather just simply as an MC without being gender specific?

I think it will at some point when the industry is filled with really good female rappers but for now we’re just taking it one step at a time.  Also there’s not enough female rappers right now, you can literally count us on one hand so when the numbers have increased then I think the gender specifics will be left out.

Last but not least is Zinzi Kahnish coming out with a mixtape?

I’m actually working on my EP, the singles that I’m releasing currently are part of that EP and it will be released within the next two months.

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