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Celebrities with the worst sense in fashion

By  | Feb 09, 2022, 12:08 PM  | Zodwa Wabantu  | Top of the

DJ Maphorisa/Zodwa Wabantu
It is always such a great joy to see our fave celebrities turn up at an event looking like a snack! And while we have always adored them for their great sense of style and fashion, we have those that have largely disappointed us in the fashion department. 

Below is a list of celebrities who have the slightest sense of fashion and who need to up their game this year, no seriously, it’s about time!

Dj Maphorisa

Topping the list is none other than Phori, who is one of the most acclaimed artists in Mzansi. But despite the number of zeros in his bank account, one thing that Phori has been accused of is having a poor taste in style and fashion. 

Now I know what you are thinking, are we not being a bit too harsh? Well, it is one thing to have money and another to learn how to match outfits, and this is a disease that Phori seems to be suffering from.

We are not saying that he is always making blunders all the time but it seems that all that Phori does is simply throw a pair of jeans and a tee shirt… come one man, can’t he do better than that?

Shauwn Mkhize

Next up on the list is this young at heart Zaleb who is well known for her luxurious and designer lifestyle. But even with all the designers her wardrobe boasts of, she clearly does not have a fashion bone in her. 

Let us start with the fact that she has been spotted wearing fake Gucci pieces. I mean, isn’t she like the most wealthy Zaleb we know in Mzansi? That aside, she has been trolled a couple of times for her choice in fashion and as you can already imagine, that is a non issue to her. 

Not too long ago, she spoke on her fashion choices during an interview with eNCA as a response to all the hate she was receiving online. 

Most people couldn't understand my style because I would have things that are still on the runway. By the time people are used to it, I am done and over it.
Well runway or not, something still needs to be done sis.

Selby Mkhize

Her fashion taste aside, let us all first agree that he is one of the greatest hosts Mzansi has ever seen! I mean who does not enjoy any show Selby is hosting!! We are here for it! 

Now that that is out of the way let us talk how he always makes an absolute blunder where his fashion choices are concerned. Even when he was hosting the Miss Universe 2019, fans were nowhere near pleased with what he chose to adorn. Sigh, someone needs to invest in a stylist asap!!

One thing though, it seems he is largely invested in wearing stockings and boots. And while there is absolutely no problem in having a signature style, maybe try out something new and different next time? Never know! 

Willard Katsande

The soccer star is adored and loved by many of his fans. But other than scoring major goals in the field, he is scoring quite none when it comes to his sense of fashion. Which is quite ironic because he owns his very own clothing store!

Let's look at this outfit for example, someone help me understand what is going on here. Now , while there is nothing wrong with the pants and the sneakers he has on, why would he wear a ripped shirt and a blazer all at the same time? 

I mean the bare fact that he owns a clothing brand should be enough for him to actually look the part no? Well, while he may be in love with fashion, it feels like this is one of those relationships where one person is in love with themselves. 

Zodwa Wabantu

Finally, there is no way that this exotic dancer was going to miss out on the list. As you already know Zodwa is always making headlines for her clothing, or the lack thereof. I mean if we can count the number of times we have seen Zodwa fully clothed, sigh, let’s not even.

And even when she does decide to throw something on, we really cannot tell if it is a complete outfit or the remains of one. Yes, this is pretty much what pays her bills but can’t we just have a stylist advise her on her next choice of clothes before we all go blind? 

Either way, it seems that may not be happening anytime soon because if there is one thing that we are certain of, it is that Zodwa is confident in her own skin and nothing will ever change that. What can we say, keep doing you sis!

While good taste in style can and is relative, we have to say that these Zalebs have taken it to a whole new level and we can only hope that they will be inspired to tweak their looks for a much different and better taste. No pressure though guys!

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