The Many Times Zodwa Wabantu Shocked Us All

She is a different type of breed

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In a perfect world, Zodwa Wabantu would become a lifestyle. Who would pass on the opportunity to live a perfect life where society does not have you under constant surveillance. They too would be busy living their own Zodwa inspired life, right. Well, it is not a perfect world and sadly one has to conform to societal standards.

But one woman who is nonchalant and wears her lingerie in public with pride, is Zodwa Wabantu and she occasionally gives us a lot of TMI moments on social media. Who takes a dump on Live television?

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Her recent stunt shook her followers but it is Zodwa Wabantu, the exotic dancer anyway. For Father's Day, Zodwa gifted her boyfriend a one of a kind treatment. They made way to her favourite cosmetic surgeon at Herrwood Medical Centre where he treated her man to a p*nis enlargement. Yeap, she did that, and with pride.

Zodwa shared a video of them as they entered the surgery room and she can be seen kissing her man and telling her that she tired of his small manhood.

Zodwa took this decision so they can eliminate cheating because they would both not be satisfied. They apparently took this decision together and so she recommended the doctor. This was also to fix their relationship as it has taken quiet a knock.

Vaginal and Butt Upgrade

The same doctor performed a vaginal tightening procedure on her a few months back. This was after she had gotten out of a relationship. She was gearing up for a new relation ship so the cosmetic surgery on her intimate body part was a need.

Speaking to the camera on her now-deleted IG post she said, "I’m here again because I ended another relationship so I need a new relationship...As women, after giving birth we often feel that something down there is no longer the same or tight," she explained.

Not only did her private area get an upgrade, it was also her booty which got revamped. It is her money-maker after all. In her IG post she referred to her butt as her talent which makes her money so she has to take care of it. “Is your Talent Taking you Places? My Talent is Taking me Places! My Talent is Ready for Bookings! Body owned by Herwood Medical Clinic”.

Paid Lobola for her Ben 10

Zodwa got on one knee and proposed to her ex-boyfriend Ntobeko in full view of everyone at a gig she was performing at. She even paid lobola for him. After a few months, she called the wedding off because Ntobeko apparently went silent and she then wanted her lobola money back.

She later explains her love for Ben 10's in a video she posted on Instagram, where she says younger men are ideal for her demanding lifestyle. She said an older man would ultimately domesticate and wife her up so she wouldn't be able to accommodate that kind of situation.

After Vusi's drama, her other ex- Ben 10, Zodwa posted a picture of her and ex-fiancé Ntobeko in bed together, saying she misses him.
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