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You won’t believe what she said to him

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Reason recently took to IG to open up about a life-changing encounter with socialite Zodwa wa Bantu. This comes after a few people in his circle came to him and advised him to be careful of how he moves.

The rapper revealed that he bumped into Zodwa wa Bantu at a party and that’s where he received this great advice.

“But anyway I bump into Zodwa wa Bantu at DBN Gogo’s party. You know, she arrives, she chilled. I did some snaps, made fun of her, she made fun of me and we laughed. And then we partied and somewhere along the lines Zodwa turns to me and she’s like ‘you know I’m really happy for you.’ And I’m like what do you mean, she’s like ‘I’m really happy that you are doing you.” Said the musician.

“The one day you’ve got blond hair; the next day you’ve got pink hair now you are here with the Amapiano bruv’s next thing you are with Tira. You are just living your life and you are happy. I’m happy to see you doing you. She goes on to say she’s always known me this serious person, this careful guy and now I’m just doing me, and she said you should be grateful because people out there aren’t doing them.”

Zodwa explained to him why a lot of people are not happy for him. “First of all, they are not happy. A lot of people aren’t happy right now because there’s a lot that’s going on. She was highlighting that to say in a world where people are unhappy you seem to be. And seems like it’s because you are just doing you. Those people might not be happy because they are not doing them,” he continued.  

People will talk when you do you. Some will have negative comments because you are not behaving the way you that they think you should be behaving. You are not moving the way that they want you to move. So a lot of people will criticize, a lot of people will have opinions, a lot of people will want to make jokes about it. But at the end of the day, you are here, you are alive and you are having a good time and you are happy. 

Before ending off his video, he had a few words for those who talk behind his back. “It hit home because she is right. Whoever it was that was talking about me was actually talking about me doing me. And there’s nothing that I can do about that. 

“I have a lot of low moments, definitely, I’m a human being. I have a lot of bad situations that get myself into that I have to get myself out of and so does every human, But, I’m doing me and she was right. I’m happy doing me.”
Main Picture Credit: Reason Instagram Account @thedarkroomartist

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