Zodwa Wabantu Shows Off Her Animals

She is a proud owner of a leopard!

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Zodwa Wabantu have social media at stand still following her recent flaunting and it is none other than her animals. Taking to Instagram, Zodwa Wabantu who now can be addressed as uGogo, for how further she has come with her calling, owns some of the exotic and dangerous animals.

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At the beginning of her journey, scores of people were in complete shock whether Zodwa Wabantu was indeed serious about honoring her calling. Bearing in mind the person she is and the lifestyle she lives. However, Zodwa Wabantu followed a number of media personalities for who answered their calling including Boity Thulo and Dawn Thandeka King to name a few.

Her recent Instagram post was a true testament that indeed Zodwa Wabantu is indeed now a Sangoma, as she shares pictures of some of her kept animals, outside a hut. What has really struck some of her fans and followers is that she also keeps not one but two tortoise as well as a baby leopard.

In her post, she brags about us all being rich yet differently from one another. Zodwa Wabantu continues to insert how all of her kept animals were give to her by the Royal blood as she also comes from a Royal household. 
"We are all Rich Differently 🤞🏼Since Ngingu Zodwa Wabantu🤞🏼Awungindluli Ngalutho👑 Okwami Akuthengwa👊🏽 It’s a Serious Gift that Every Animal in my Hut 🛖 Was Given to me🤞🏼By Royal Blood 🩸 I am from a Royal Family🐆 UMkhulu Wami Inkosi 👑🧌 Uhlezi Kumina🐆" wrote Zodwa Wabantu

Speaking to Drum magazine earlier, Zodwa Wabantu mentioned how she never saw herself being a Sangoma. However, ancestral calling are very tricky and when you are a chosen one you can never deny the calling. Although she took things more seriously earlier in the year but Zodwa Wabantu's journey started a while ago when she kept having dreams suggesting her calling.

“This is not something that I can say I knew about when I was a child. I started having dreams in September last year and they just kept getting serious towards December, I knew they were not normal. I got dreams and get a message to visit home and get something from a tree. I dreamt of beads, something not everyone dreams of, even sangomas would do a lot for them to get a direct message like that. I then consulted with the sangoma that I often see for cleansings and consultations, and he put everything into perspective for me,” said Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa Wabantu joins another Traditional Healer Gogo Maweni, who in the past have admitted to having some of the most exotic yet scary animals as well. Gogo Maweni had social media at stand still as well when she flaunted not one but three snakes as some of her pets.

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Gogo Maweni is the proud owner of at least five snakes with the names of three of her snakes- Kaddafi, Escobar and Zara publicly known. In one of the episodes of her reality show, Gogo Maweni explained that she loved animals and that her snakes were just pets.

The sangoma is not afraid of showing off her love for her unusual pets and she often shares photos of herself with either one of her snakes around her neck.

Although Gogo Maweni has often distanced herself from the popular notion that people who own snakes use them for their “wealth-giving” abilities, a recent Instagram video of the reality star using one of her snakes in one of her rituals with the snake lying in a pile of coins at some point in the video.

The video left her fans confused and they took to the comments to express their confusion with a couple of her fans asking what the snake was doing in the Ndumba if at all the snake was just a pet.
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