#WCW - The Adorable Zoë Brown

We totally see what those presenter search judges saw in her back in 2015 

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#WCW - The Adorable Zoë  Brown

If you’re an avid Expresso Morning show viewer like myself, you can’t help but fall in love with presenter and DJ Zoë  Brown. Yeah, the entire cast is great but Zoe is the gem that shines the brightest out of the entire bunch. 

In addition to co-hosting the morning show alongside Katlego Maboe, Leigh Ann Williams, Ewan Strydom and Graeme Richards, the 27-year-old presents the traffic on KFM with DJ Carl Wastie. 

According to her website, even though the general public was only introduced to her in early 2015 after her win on SABC 3’s televised Presenter Search, she has been working at this presenting thing for years. She started out with a university radio show, holding down the graveyard shift while studying at Stellenbosch University before making the brave leap into TV. 

And now, after a few years on Expresso, she has reached a level of comfortability that shows that she was born to do this.

Here are a few reasons why Zoë  is our woman crush this week: 

She’s an adventurer and an animal lover 

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A post shared by Zoë Brown (@zbzoebrown) on

When she’s not getting our morning’s off to a great start, the DIY princess finds herself exploring the outdoors, discovering new restaurants and coffee shops or conquering new hiking trails. 

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She’s educated 

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She didn’t only hold down a radio show while at Stellenbosch University, she also obtained a BA International Relations degree in 2013, which was quickly followed by an honors degree in International Relations. 

She’s a humanitarian 

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She has been repeatedly quoted saying “I would like to build a career that enables me to focus on humanitarian issues and be able to build real and lasting bridges between people and communities, at both local and international level.” 

She has since given her time, money and resources to various causes via the platforms she has access to as a prominent figure in addition to finding ways to make her fans’ dreams come true. 

And the most adorable quality of them all? 

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To quote Zoe herself: " I randomly blurt out song lyrics relating to what a person is saying to me… It’s a gift!"

Main image credit: instagram.com/zbzoebrown by @markwijs 

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