Zolani Mahola reveals that she was the one who pursued her husband first

Zolani was not shy about having the man of her dreams.

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Zolani Mahola

A lot of people might think that Zolani started off her career as a musician, but actually, her career in the limelight began when she studied theatre as a trained actor.

She, later on, went to put her acting skills to practice and was introduced to the rest of Mzansi as Boniswa on Tsha Tsha season 1-3.

Apart from her new theatre show, Zolani also spoke fondly of her married life with kids. Zolani and husband, Nicholas, have two kids together a 4-year-old and a one-year-old.


Zolani and Nicholas had known each other since their varsity years. In her interview on Cliff Central recently, Zolani shared how weird things became in her relationship when she started to become famous.

"I became famous while we were together in varsity, we went through that and it was very weird. And I must confess I didn't really know how to manage that initially. When people came up to me in the streets I would be like 'Woah! this is crazy'. And then people would want to have like a half hour conversation with me and he would be with me and I would just have those conversations and he would like just slowly walk away after a while." Said Zolani

But after a year, Zolani stopped engaging for long periods of time with strangers when she was with her husband.

Zolani mohali

Zolani also shared how she was the one who pursued her husband at first. Zolani explained that she and her husband were part of a group of friends in varsity and for her, it was love at first sight, but not necessarily for him. The actress/singer explained that her husband took a bit of a long time to warm up to her. She was the one who initially pursued him first but then let it go.

Zolani then managed to get her husband's attention again after they kissed one night. 

"I sort of got him in a position, then he got away. We kissed one night and then the next day I was going to film Tsha Tsha, so I had to leave early in the morning but I was really excited 'cause I kissed this dude whom I'd been after for all this time. So when I got to the Eastern Cape I phoned him and he couldn't say a word on the phone, he could not say one single word, after that I thought well then, that's that."

Zolani then moved and dated another guy, when that ended, the two managed to find each other again and the rest is history!

Zolani and Nicholas got married at a farm, they eloped whilst she was 8 months pregnant.

See ladies, when you have your eye on that particular guy, be brave and make the first move, it is the year 2017 after-all.

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