They Chose To Give Life A Second Chance

These celebs attempted suicide but failed

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Zoleka Mandela/Clement Maosa
Life can be messy at times and it can get so worse that others decide to end it all. Some of our Zalebs here in Mzansi were unfortunate enough to actually succumb to suicide but we have those who did attempt suicide and are fortunately still with us.

And while we cannot forget those who have left us, we can not also forget to celebrate those who, in as much as they had already given up on life, got a second chance, and grabbed it by the horns. Here is a list of celebrities who have attempted suicide at some point in their lives.

Gigi Lamayne

Gigi is one of the most loved rappers in the industry. And while she has also been involved in quite a number of scandals as well, it is good to see that she has chosen to deal with her problems head on.

Not too long ago, the rapper took to sharing on her near suicide attempt and what her led her to make such a gruesome choice. All the glitz and glamour that is portrayed all over social media is pretty much a facade to hide the real issues that were going on in her life. 

From being body shamed to having to work her way in a male dominated industry, the pressure became too much that her only option was to take her own life. She overdosed on pills but was fortunately found in due time and rushed to hospital where she was treated and her life saved.

So good to see her back on her feet again.

Zoleka Mandela

Nelson Mandela’s grandchild and mother of six has time and time again shared on her troubled childhood and how life has not exactly treated her as easy as it would. And being a human being, it was not an easy load to bear.

Not too long ago when Mzansi was commemorating 16 days of activism of gender based violence, she took to her social media to share on how she has had to endure too many challenges and addictions that at some point she resorted to committing suicide because it all became too much to handle. 

I am more than someone who used to self-harm or cut themselves, I am far more than an addict, a survivor of depression and anxiety, more than a survivor. I am deserving of the life I want for myself. I am strength, I am self-love, I am worthy, I am love, a fighter and I am a force to be reckoned with. I am Zoleka.


It was not that long ago when the Idols SA presenter released a memoir where he talked about how he fell into deep depression after his divorce with his ex wife. Following his ex- wife’s infidelity, the rapper fell into depression that ate him up to the point of attempting suicide. 

Onalerona, who is the mother of his two children, apparently cheated on him with controversial and prominent businessman Edwin Sodi. Horrified at the thought of having to let go of his wife and children to start a new life without him, he tried to mend their already failing marriage through counselling.

That however did not work leading him to overdose on painkillers and alcohol in an attempt to end his life. Fortunately, he was found before it was too late and lives on to share his story.

Clement Maosa

The Skeem Sam actor has also not had it easy. It was during one of his birthdays that he took to his social media to share how he once attempted suicide twice after life took a huge toll on him. It was around this time that Maosa had lost two of his close friends. 

Speaking to Drum magazine, Clement shared what had led him to choose the path he chose. 

I attempted suicide twice after losing my parents. I felt like I had nothing to live for. Little did I know that my purpose is bigger. Varsity life also wasn’t easy. I remember I wouldn’t have money for food. I would eat noodles, at the time when a packet cost R2. 

Rachel Kolisi

With a family as beautiful as that of Rachel, you would not believe that she also once slipped into depression so bad that she even tried to commit suicide. The philanthropist shared on the Wisdom and Wellness podcast with Mpoomy Ledwaba about her battle with depression that was caused by the divorce of her parents while she was a teenager.

As a teenager, her parent’s divorce really took a toll on her and resorted to self harm. 

I was in a hole and I just wished that someone would drop down a ladder or a rope…I tried to commit suicide at 15. So I spent about 2-3 years cutting myself and crying for help but not finding it. 

She is now a big advocate of therapy as well as leading a peaceful and happier life. We couldn't be more proud of her.

It is a beautiful sight to see that no matter the struggles  they went through, they still chose life over it all and are now advocates of living life to the fullest. We most definitely love to see it. 

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