Gigi Lamayne Capitalizes From Her Grief

Talk about turning lemons into lemonade

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Gigi Lamayne is not about to let her haters win as she has decided to use her pain and grief and turn it into a song. The rapper who was subjected to an appalling amount of bullying from entrepreneur Inno Morolong, has now taken her power back by releasing a song called All Shades.

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Inno Morolong went on Instagram live and called Gigi all sorts of names you can think of, only because she follows her man on Instagram. Gigi then decided to sue Inno for R1 million but later stopped pursuing help from the law because she was not strong enough to go to court all the time.

After recording herself crying Gigi revealed that she had decided to continue with the legal charges, "I’m going to have to continue with a case with additional charges. I know better now and I'm sorry."

Speaking to TshisaLive, Gigi said this song was inspired by the bullying she got subjected to. She said she has forgiven Inno but still feels the need to slap her with legal letters.

“As much as the suspect in question I forgave, I'm still taking legal action against her, a case has already been opened at the Midrand police station, my lawyers are now in talks with her, and she is kind of dodging us right now but eventually you can't run away from the law forever.”

Fans did not sympathize with Gigi any longer after she went on that live with Inno and Popcorn Room, and called her bully "chomee" which means friend. But she even though she was blackmailed into going, she agreed because she wanted to see where she lives, “I was blackmailed to go to that popcorn room live thing, but I also thought to myself, let me go to see where she lives, so I can tell the police when the time comes. So now people think I'm a clown, but look now with her dodging us at least we know where one of her people live. It was a sacrifice for the case,” she told the publication. 

Gigi spoke about being suicidal on her live where she was crying, "Ever since I have stepped into this industry I have been continuously bullied by everyone and everything. My heart breaks continuously because I always have to fight and I fight alone. So I'm sorry guys that I didn't do what you wanted me to do.

"But I couldn't fight it, I'm not strong, it hurts because no matter wat I do I will be judged. The only person I can trust is my mother who brought me into this world so understand that I am breaking, I'm breaking every single day. This industry has broken me.

"Everything that has happened in the past 2 days has broken me so I'm sorry I couldn't be strong enough to go through with anything, I couldn't think of going through a court case every single day, to be reminded of all the names I have been called. I have been called ugly since I was brought into this world.

"I don't like to play the victim, when you guys see me like this, know that I don't like to be like this. My whole life I have always been bullied, and I have never bullied anyone."

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