Chelsi Has Had Enough Of The Negativity

The beauty queen slams haters

By  | Jul 19, 2021, 05:40 PM 

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Chelsi Shikongo was recently crowned Miss Namibia 2021 and made everyone proud. It became evident from the beginning of the competition that Shikongo was a fan favorite.

While she won the hearts of many with her natural beauty, hairstyle, and intellectual abilities, it seems she is already being targeted by haters on social media.

Taking to her Instagram stories to address those who spew hate on her timeline, Chelsi said she does not have time for a back and forth with haters instead she just blocks them.

"Please be mindful of what you send people. I may be a public figure but I'm a human being at first. What you say to people, celebrity or not defines who you are as a person and just shows how you talk to yourself.

If you were really keen on helping me you would come up with a solution as well. Trust me I don't debate I just block. Life is happening every day. I don't have and I won't waste my time every day to deal with negativity"
she shared.
Instagram @ChelsiShikongo

The model is expected to represent Namibia soon at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant. Chelsi recently reflected on her Miss Namibia journey and scooping the crown saying it's a dream come true for her."I didn’t think we would be here today and I am nothing but grateful and thankful that the Universe believed in me even when I didn’t believe in me, success is on the other side of consistency and that too is a journey but starting is already winning," she shared.

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