Ukhozi FM In A Legal Battle For Announcing Top 10

Owen Ndlovu will be taking them to court!

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:49 PM 

Ukhozi FM is facing yet another legal battle, or will be facing it in due time, as Owen Ndlovu is set on sending them to court as of next week.

Isolezwe reports that the 'mastermind' behind the song of the year voting system, Owen Ndlovu is planning on sending them to court so he can be compensated with R10 Million. This is for the continued usage of his voting system even after he stopped working for the SABC.

Ukhozi announced it's long-awaited Top 10 on Friday, March 13. The winner for song of the year was Maskandi musician Ntencane.

The Michael Owen Production owner also believes that the radio station underpaid Ntencane for his wins after garnering more than 400 000 votes.

His song Wawuthembeni, which was supposed to usher us into the new year on December 31, occupied the number 1 spot but he walked away with a mere R50 000 in cash. According to Owen, this is peanuts compared to what Ukhozi FM made.

"What irritates me the most is that they underpaid Ntencane with that R50 000 he won, which does not go with a car. This singer got over 400 000 votes but got paid peanuts," he said furiously.

He also went on to add that in 2016, a Maskandi musician by the name of Mroza also won the title and walked away with R150 000 and a car after getting 150 000 votes.

After calculating the votes and the fee of R1.50, the publication saw that the number one spot which earned 433 142 votes equate to R649 713. They tallied up all the other spots and came to an amount of R1 498 932.

The money paid to musicians and listeners (R200 00) was nothing compared to the money they made. Owen suggests that the money should be distributed equally amongst the musicians in the top 10.

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Picture credit: Twitter