uMoya Wami might just be the song for the Festive season

This song needs to win Gospel song of the year in next year's award shows.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM 

Moya Wami

Just like Lebo Sekgobela's Lion of Juda, Abathandwa's uMoya Wami is fast becoming one of the most popular gospel songs of 2018.

The group and song has been an absolute sensation ever since Ayanda Ncwane introduced the rest of Mzansi to the song.

What has made the song an even greater success is how people have incorporated pop-culture dance moves with the song all over social media.

This is not just a sing and clap type of song, you really need to get down and sweaty whenever uMoya Wami comes on.

The song has become so popular amongst the youth that an #umoyawamachallenge has ensued across the country.

You would think that such dance moves were only for music genres like Gqom' but nope, you can definitely bust a move listening to Umoya Wami.

EvenΒ Ntando Duma joined in on the challenge.

What we also found interesting is that it seems like people can't sit still in their cars and just listen to the song.

You literally have to step out of your car, and do the dance moves whilst you get revived by the holy spirit.

Now you're probably wondering why we think Umoya Wam' will be one of the top ten songs of the festive season, right?

Well, it's clear that it's a favourite when played in many festivals across the country, some people have even coined this type of genre is Gospel Gqom.

It's been reported that Abathandwa's current album - Amagatsha is selling like hotcakes across the country which is not a surprise, their music is growing on the nation and is spreading great positive vibes.


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Ayanda_Ncwane