#Uzalo: Father And Son Hug It Out

Sbonelo and Nkunzi are getting closer

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM 

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There are various ways of showing physical gestures of love and appreciation to our loved ones. One of which include hugging. In the traditional sense, men are known to hardly ever express love through hugs or even kisses towards their children, as they probably prefer to stick to what is more conventionally acceptable and ''manly''- hand shakes.

Upon the largely enhanced season five of Uzalo, loyal viewers of the show saw an introduction of a mysterious husky voiced character named Sbonelo, who also happens to be Nkunzi's son that he had no idea about. 

Initially and obviously naturally, they butted heads primarily because of being unfamiliar with each other. Thus far, we had been anticipating cringe worthy scenes regarding these two's interactions on our television screens.

However last night's episode introduced quite an interesting trajectory regarding the future of their relationship as father and son. Nkunzi beamed with extreme joy and pride when Sbonelo finally warmed up to him as he initiated a hug.

Upon conversing with his first wife MaNgcobo early in the morning, he expressed just how much joy he felt at the mere fact that it was his son Sbonelo, who initiated a physical contact that occurred in the form of a hug.

This scene in particular, showed just how much a simple hug could make much of a difference to the next person; especially between two hard headed individuals such as Nkunzi and Sbonelo.

The depiction of this scene warmed the viewers hearts, therefore hopefully more scenes of this vibe are yet to unravel and we can't wait to see how this relationship will blossom thereafter.

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