Warren Masemola is not about the fame

He's just a guy who enjoys what he does.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Warren Masemola 

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warren masemola

Actually, a lot of thespians [as they refer to themselves these days] do not consider themselves to be celebrities and have little to no interest in being a part of celebrity culture.

Warren is probably one of the most celebrated actors in the country and with him acting in the most highly acclaimed drama on South African television,  it is not surprising that Warren is nominated for every other acting award and appears on every other TV show. He is that good.

And with so much attention directed at him because of his craft, it is understandable why the public would be so interested in the actor. But Warren is adamant that he is not into celebrity culture and doesn't really care much about fame.

Speaking to Move magazine the actor made that quite clear.

"I don't know fame. I only see people celebrating me and my work. I continue to live my life the way I've always lived."

Although he is very protective of his private life, in numerous interviews Warren has revealed that he is in a relationship and is loving every moment of it. He's explained how much his girlfriend makes him laugh and that she continues to teach him a lot about life.

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