Black Coffee Meets Another Black Coffee

Dj shares his look-alike video

By  | Feb 08, 2022, 10:45 AM 

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Remember the recent trend of look- alikes? The one where someone would post a picture of themselves and have someone who looks like them or wearing a same outfit. It happened to Black Coffee recently when he was playing at a club in Cape Town.
The House music producer was shocked when he spotted a man who looked almost identical to him while playing his set. He recorded a video of him looking at the guy and showing a surprise face like his asking himself how he got there. It didnโ€™t help that it was dark inside the club and the man who was identified as Real Phumzo on Twitter was wearing almost the same glasses as his.

Phumzo commented โ€œIt's all love Bhuti, thank you so much.โ€


Black Coffeeโ€™s fans found it so amusing they shared memes laughing at the scenario. They also commented in the post saying, โ€œUsathi usuyahamba, kant uzozibona usahlel nabangan bakho (When you leaving, but you see yourself still sitting with your friends).โ€
Other comments read, โ€œUthi uyadijeya kanti you're a fan of your set.โ€
Dj Coffee is not the only celebrity this has happened to. Miami rapper Rick Ross was also stunned when the same thing  happened to him. On a video shared under Coffeeโ€™s tweet we see Rick Ross hugging and laughing with his look -alike.
Users commented, โ€œWho's who here.โ€
While others were shocked by how people can be identical, Phumzo was enjoying the attention he received from Dj Coffee. He took it to his Twitter to ask his followers why they didnโ€™t tell him Black coffee mentioned him. This was not the first time Phumzo was mistaken or told he looks like Coffee.
Phumzo recently before the video posted a picture and one of his followers asked him to stand up , put his left hand in the pocket, tilt his head like he  wanted to see if it was going to rain and ask someone to take his picture.
Did that meant Black Coffee tilts his head like he wants to see if itโ€™s raining? 

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On the other news fans are still raving about the song Dj Coffee did with Dj Euphonik titled โ€˜Thembaโ€™. A fan commented what a masterpiece it was and canโ€™t get enough of the track. The track is one of 10 Black Coffeeโ€™s top song currently spoke about on social media. Other songs are Muye his remix, Get it Together featuring Drake and Jorja Smith, Breaking Hearts featuring Amos. Black Coffee is said to celebrate his birthday on 6 March in Cape Town at The Ostrich.

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