Kaboy And Manxebe Squash Their Beef?

It seems they are even working together

By  | Aug 27, 2021, 07:20 PM 

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For the longest time, Kamakili and Manxebe have been not seeing eye to eye and this has been crystal as clear even on social media. The two Namibian fastest rising stars used to shade each other all over the internet but it seems there is no more bad blood between them.

This follows after Kaboy took to his Instagram account to announce that they will be performing at the F3 Entertainment Lounge and we are here for it!  This left many people assuming that their beef has been squashed.

Kaboy also tagged Top Cheri and Manxebe on the video. He also shared an Insta story where he seemingly said he missed Manxebe and they are working together on something big. "Something big is coming. Omushi aantu uulayi. I can't live without my brother. I miss my brother. You fake people Otamuni. Something big is coming soon."

Manxebe took to his Instagram stories to update a status where he wrote "I loved my brother so much, I would do anything for him as a brother he was the only brother I had never thought he would turn into a snake. Now when I see him I feel like leaving a big mark on his body. Fake niggers are really born."

Although TopCheri has come out before to set the record straight that she is not beefing with Kaboy, it seems Kaboy was only beefing with Manxebe and it's a beautiful eye to see that they have decided to let bygones be bygones and work together.

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