[Watch] Umlando Vocalist Faints While Performing On Stage

Shaking his hips ended in tears due to exhaustion

By  | Mar 03, 2022, 10:08 AM 

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Musicians are always booked and busy, traveling to gigs, performing and posing for photographs with their fans -  these commitments and movements are likely to exhaust them.

Umlando hitmaker Toss, has left his fans concerned about his well-being following a viral video of him fainting while performing on stage. The singer has been making waves in the music scene since he rose to stardom. His single Umlando, has captured the hearts of many people across the country and we are here for it.

During the festive season he was bouncing off from one commitment to the next meaning he had no time to rest. Now, the exhaustion has permeated throughout her body and he needs to stop being hard on himself .

The vocalist was recently performing at a gig packed with his fans who were singing along to his smash hit Umlando, but unfortunately his performance was cut short due to exhaustion. The clip shows him entertaining his legions of fans before ultimately collapsing.

Fans are left in shock after he faints and someone steps in to revive him by spritzing him with water. 

Taking to his Instagram account, he updated fans about his health. Toss said he collapsed due to exhaustion and he is doing well. He thanked those who have shown concern over his health and wished him well.

"I just want to address what happened yesterday, I fainted on stage due to fatigue. I just wanted to inform you that I am doing well.. I saw a video that has been circulating on Twitter and I just wanted to give you an update that I am okay and I appreciate the love and positive energies that you are sending out to me," he said.

"I appreciate everything. I will come back stronger and I wanted to apologize to the promoter for what happened. I hope the show went well after I had left," he said.

Fans have advised him to rest for a bit until he fully recovers. "Please take care of yourself. We haven’t seen the best of you yet. You would be robbing us of your gift. Lots of love and get better soon brother," a fan commented.

Toss' umlando challenge was the talk of the town a couple of weeks ago. This follows after it landed Metro FM's DJ Dineo Ranaka in hot water with her employers. Dineo recently decided to take part in the dance craze that has taken over the country but it ended in tears.

In a video that was widely shared on social media the DJ could be seen busting moves to the Amapiano track while showing off what her momma gave her. In what was an innocent move to entertain her fans, Dineo got suspended for misconduct. A source told City Press that Dineo Ranaka had been suspended from Metro FM due to misconduct.

“Unlike other people who did the challenge, she danced on top of expensive furniture,” the source added. SABC's group executive for corporate affairs, Gugu Ntuli, confirmed the suspension of the radio presenter. 

“The SABC can confirm that Dineo Ranaka is not scheduled on Metro FM at this stage and as a matter of principle the corporation does not discuss matters relating to its independent contractors in public.” Luckily enough she was reinstated back at the station.

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