We're unReasonably excited for Maftown Heights

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM 

Let's begin by talking about Maftown Heights, what can fans expect from Reason at one of the biggest hip hop shows in the country?

Well it’s a surprise. Tumi and I are working on a set together, and we will be doing a lot of collaborative gigs together this festive season. We might have a couple of guests join us too, just to try and make it an awesome show!

Apart from you, who do you think is going to kill the stage at MH?

I think everybody is going to kill the stage because the whole crowd will be there to see us. So we're going to go there and give them what they want.

What’s your biggest fear when going on stage?

Well I think my biggest fear is losing my voice, because sometimes I get too excited when I perform.

Moving away from MH, we see your new album is out. Tell us a little more about Audio High Definition?

Audio High Definition is out and it's one of the best rap albums you’ll hear in your life. It’s a very nice album, it has a nice story to it, and people are going to enjoy it. 

Who have you worked with on the album?

We've got Tumi featuring there, along with the likes of HHP, Nova, PackDev, M.I, Donald, Locnville, and Bonang Matheba.

Why did you name your album Audio High Definition?

Well the whole story is from Audio 3D. I think Audio 3D was me trying to paint my picture with words. So with High Definition it's me taking it higher by taking that sound and creating different songs, and also telling a story that comes together nicely.

Which song should the fans look out for in your new album?

All of them![Laughs] But I have my own favourites so people need to discover their own favourite. There seems to be a big interest on the song I did with HHP, Endurance and there is also a song which I did with Tumi called God body. 

Tell us about your tour in Europe.

Well that was really fun, it was really dope! There was lots to learn, lots to experience and there were some really fun shows. I had fun performing and I had a lot of fun learning different cultures and languages. 

If you had to meet a rapper from Europe, who would it be and what would you say?

Well to be honest I’m not interested in meeting a rapper from Europe. I would really love to meet rappers from the ones we have in Africa because I think with the talent that we have in Africa, the guys from Europe would love to come this side.

Which country would you like to tour and showcase your music the most?

I would really love to tour the whole world, especially Asia, Germany, Amsterdam and of course, Africa.

What events are you looking forward to for this December?

Definitely Maftown heights, definitely Hype magazine and the South African Hip-hop awards.

Credit Image:Facebook.Reason